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P15K on Lake Owasco

We sold our Precision 15K, an excellent starter sailboat. Hold on, I have to wipe a tear from my eye.

It moved to Wisconsin. A local judge there wants to use it on a lake. We corresponded for a few months and I sent him a little video of “his new boat.” Made it harder to let her go.

It came with galvanized Performance tilt trailer, a like-new 3.5 Tohatsu gas outboard motor (never used), an electric trolling motor with marine battery and charger, a tiller stay, a masthead float, transom-mounted boarding ladder, mainsail cover and jib sock, dock lines and all the accouterments that a savvy sailor would need. It’s a fast, yet comfortable daysailer with fixed, lead-ballasted keel, factory colored sails and a roller-furling jib.

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye

The tiller stay is handy for raising sails and also just steering. This boat is so responsive that the slightest touch can change its trajectory. A tiller stay helps us keep on course when we’re distracted with other chores.

We would recommend a Precision daysailer to anyone looking for a fast, fun boat. It was a great choice for us and when it’s not in the water, it is a beautiful lawn ornament. If you can’t be in a boat, at least be able to look at one.

So why have we made the choice to sell, if it is a perfect boat? A combination of reasons — time, a change of location, health. But the real reason is the boat wants to sail more than we can and it would be a shame to leave her on the hard.

A review by Bob Perry says this about the Precision 15K:

“An ideal trainer or family daysailer, providing both versatility and up-to-date performance. The cockpit is 9 feet, 4 inches long and the side decks are wide enough for comfortable hiking. The side decks will also help prevent swamping in the event of a knockdown. No centerboard means no centerboard trunk to interfere with the cockpit. The rig is a simple sloop rig with swept-back spreaders. It doesn’t get any more basic than this. There is a mainsheet traveler, and some attention to the vang is all that’s needed to take care of leech tension. Jib lead tracks are adjustable for close sheeting angles.”


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