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I’m Robin Van Auken, a full-time writer and a college educator. I’ve developed the learning platforms Self-Sufficient Author and Author Brand to share with you the resources and techniques I’ve used to write on a daily basis, publish 15 books, and build my author platform. My courses and free guides are designed to help you take control, be self-reliant and crash through the barriers to your success. Join my circle of writers and authors and receive these free resources.

You can publish and promote your book efficiently and economically, without compromising on quality when you’re a Self-Sufficient Author.  The learning curve can be steep, but my courses and interactive workbooks can help. I’ve spent thousands of hours of reading and curating books, journal articles, websites and videos on the topics of writing, publishing and promoting books. You can benefit from my passion for learning new things and sharing what works.

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If you love a good mystery, a romantic whodunit that will surprise you, then WEST WIND is a great addition to your ebook library.

West Wind is my third novel as an author of Contemporary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller, and Romance.  It’s FREE too, when you join my exclusive Readers Group. Members of the Readers Group receive free novels, invitations to read advance copies, as well as illustrated character profiles and behind-the-scenes articles about Eaton and its quirky residents.

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West Wind by Robin Van Auken