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Novels by Robin Van Auken


When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book One

When the “Sexiest Man Alive” reneges on his book contract, no-nonsense editor Erin Andersen is sent to rein him in. But after meeting Stephen Spence, she discovers Distraction is contagious.

Before the book deal slips away, Erin has to decide between her career and her heart. Whatever she decides, she might lose both.

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East of Eaton

When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book Two

Single mother Erica Moore worries that her 16-year-old daughter Daisy’s summer romance could end in heartache, or worse. Then her own summer begins to sizzle when Clayton Knight shows up at her newly opened bookstore, East of Eaton.

Erica finds herself attracted to the dreamy, blue-eyed college instructor despite her own warnings to Daisy about men. After years of loneliness, can Erica open her heart to hope and let herself love again?

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West Wind

When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book Three

Fate calls heiress Sabrina Windham to her grandmother’s hospital bed where she hears a confession of betrayal and death. Sabrina learns of another, heartbreaking family legacy: the Zephyr. Designed by Don Windham and Derek West, the classic sailboat is lost to time.

She searches for the original Zephyr and finds it, falling to pieces and forgotten in a pasture. Is Karma answering her call when she also finds Jay West? Will he help restore the Zephyr and, in doing so, restore his family’s honor? Can Sabrina help Jay forget his brutal life, a poor orphan because of Rose Windham’s selfish desires?

Despite their undeniable attraction and Sabrina’s determination, Jay thinks its misfortune knocking on his door.

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When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book Four

Bridget has built a comfy lifestyle writing about history’s mysteries. When Police Chief Alec Boone drops a 50-year-old murder case in her lap, she’s eager to assist. Friendship kindles into a passionate affair, but their relationship is tested when the two professionals butt heads over the outcome of their findings.

An ivory tower researcher, Bridget seeks fame. An honorable lawman, Boone seeks justice. When Boone uses her research to arrest the culprit, an abused woman who killed to protect her child, Bridget is filled with remorse.

Can she live with the consequences of her ego-driven quest? Bridget may have to decide which is more important: Her new assignment or her new love.

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When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book Five

Anna Johnson is tormented with guilt after her best friend is injured in a house fire the night of her birthday party. Then her father’s car catches fire at a traffic light.

Were the blazes accidental or, as Anna believes, were they set on purpose?

Is there an arsonist loose in the quiet town of Eaton? State Fire Inspector Aaron Tahir, an arrogant and overbearing man with a dark past, wants answers. That is, until he discovers he wants something more tangible ~ Anna.

Sparks fly from their first meeting and it isn’t long before they’re afire.

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Dead Line

When Love Speaks Contemporary Romance, Book Six

Daily News reporter Katrina Hall returns to the office after a long trial in the state capital to discover a new reporter’s been hired, and he’s been using her desk and computer to scoop the big features.

Territorial and tenacious, Katrina isn’t about to make room for sexy Jack DeSoto in the office or in her heart. Competition heats up after she discovers why the boss gives Jack preferential treatment, and when he’s assigned to help her investigate an accused murderer, she resents his attitude. But his overbearing nature could make the difference in life or death — his and hers.

Coming in 2018


Charnel House (Book One)
Skinterns (Book Two)
Well of the Dead  (Book Three)
The River (Book Four)
Forgotten (Book Five)
When in Rome (Book Six)


Highland Homecoming
Galway Gone
Last Season

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