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Hi, I’m Robin Van Auken and I love books. I’m on a mission to learn new things and share what works, especially in the independent book publishing industry. I’m excited to share my research so you can build a writing and publishing business that works for you.

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The Four Stages to Becoming a Self-Sufficient Author

There are four stages to becoming a Self-Sufficient Author with a best-selling book. They are: Inspiration, Creation, Publication and Promotion. It’s all the steps between these stages that trip us up, that slow us down, that create barriers to success. What if I told you that you can

Be INSPIRED to focus, write & share
Articles, workbooks and videos in the Inspiration Category are designed to inspire and motivate Self-Sufficient Authors to create tremendous content.

CREATE tremendous, unique content
Articles, courses, workbooks and videos in the Creation Category are created and curated to educate the Self-Sufficient Authors about the Writing Process, Graphic Design, and Audio and Video Production.

PUBLISH your awesome manuscript
Articles, workbooks, checklists, tutorials and videos in the Publication Category are designed to assist Self-Sufficient Authors to publish their books with ease, efficiency and economy.

PROMOTE your book to your true fans
Behind-the scenes tutorials, articles, workbooks and videos in the Promotion Category are designed to educate Self-Sufficient Authors to promote their books successfully.


Join my Circle of Authors & Writers

Join my Circle of Writers & Authors and receive six FREE writing resources. Your freebies include:

  1. 21-Day Writing Sprint Challenge
  2. Secrets of Success from 25 Bestselling Authors
  3. Time Management Grid System
  4. Self-Publishing Business Checklist
  5. A Useful Guide to Free Photos, Media & More
  6. Getting Published
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