Sailing Resources

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Here are a few interesting and helful links:


Calculator: Converting miles to nautical miles

Sailing checklist: Make sure you’ve got everything before leaving the dock

Marine Survey & Design Co.: An outstanding marine surveyor

BoatUS Finance: Compute loan cost of a new boat

Boating Reviews: Test your nautical knowledge; online exams

Boat Reviews A-W: Jack Hornor, NA, reviews sailboats for BoatUS

US Sailing Course: More sailing lessons online

Cruising Guide SE USA: You’ll want this if you travel the ICW south

Waterway Guide: You’ll need one if you travel the ICW

SEAmagine: Cool subs and Trekker adventure class yachts

Editorial services, Web sites: Robin Van Auken offers multimedia editorial  services and assists with all stages of creative literary development.


Blue Water Sailing: Offshore sailing,voyaging and world cruising

BoatWorks: For hands-on boat owners

Cruising World: Entertains through stories and photos of sailing

DIY Boat Owner: Boat maintenance magazine

FurledSails: Weekly sailing podcasts

Good Old Boat: Excellent articles, classic plastic reviews

Lattitudes and Attitudes: Lifestyles of coastal and ocean cruisers

Living Aboard: Helpful articles from those who live aboard

Northern Breezes: Online Sailing Breezes magazine

Practical Sailor: Takes the guesswork out of boat and gear buying

Sail Magazine: Reviews and articles on gear, racing, and destinations

Sailing Magazine: Oversize pages and fresh, honest reporting

Small Craft Advisor: Magazine for small boat enthusiasts

Southwinds: Serving the southern cruising and racing sailor


Dinghy Cruising Association: The art and science of dinghy cruising

Hostellers Sailing Club: Interesting site about dinghy cruising Chip’s Pocket Cruisers Guide

Sailing Small: Restoring and enjoying small trailerable sailboats

Trailer Sailor: Resources for the small boat sailor

Trailer Sailor: Precision sailboats forum

U.S. Wayfarers Association: A capable boat


Lackey Sailing LLC: Restoration and salvage of classic boats

Mother Of All Maritime Links: Probably the only site you’ll need

Plastic Classic Forum: Restoration, repair, and boatbuilding tips

Sleeping With Oars: One man’s experience living aboard

Sailing Texas: Boats for sale throughout the United States


48o North: Test sail reviews

Sail Magazine: Reviews of new(er) boats

USBoat Reviews by Jack Hornor, NA Online source for boat reviews and other get research tools

Boat Trader Online Offers a cool price checker and boat search tool

BoatUS Value Check Offers up-to-date sales data,general guidance on buying and selling, and some not commonly known model-specific details

BUCvalu Can help you estimate the value of a boat

Mauch’s Sailboat Guide More 1150 boats summarized in four volumes.

SpinSheet magazine A a nice collection of boat review articles published in the past

Sailing magazine A collection of new boat review articles

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